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How to keep Microgreens fresh

There are some essential steps to take to ensure your greens last longer; keeping them cold and dry.

If you are using microgreens, you may notice that sometimes they last for two weeks and sometimes a few days. To prevent the most delicate microgreens from decomposing you can follow these steps.

Keep them cold

  • 4 – 5 degrees Celsius in a fridge is the optimal temperature.

Dry them out

Dry microgreens last longer than when wet. We water our microgreens for the last time a few days before harvest, although some varieties are too good at retaining moisture around their stems. This is why we recommend you take these steps when allowing some of the moisture to disperse.

  • If your order arrives in a sealed bag, remove them from the bag and place them in a plastic container with a paper towel a the bottom and on top then seal the container. This will assist to absorb the moisture.
  • Put them in a fridge, away from strong smelling foods, or fruits and vegetables that emit ethylene during the ripen process.

Wash just before use

We recommend you wash your microgreens just before serving.

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